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$60 for two weeks*


This is where you save the most mula. Our memberships are not those icky binding contracts. You simply get auto-billed every month. If you want to pause or cancel your membership, all you have to do is email us 30 days before your next billing date. Plus, each membership comes with a perk!


$80 month
  • 4 classes per month
  • $25 for additional drop-ins


$120 monthly
  • 8 classes per month
  • $20 for additional drop-ins


$180 monthly
  • Unlimited classes!
  • 3 Complimentary Friend Passes
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Unsure of how often you can come every month? Have a crazy work schedule? Rest assured! You can get a class package. All non-unlimited packages expire three months from the activation date. Plus, you can always email us to set a different activation date in case you don’t want it to start today.

Class Packages

4 Classes for $100
6 Classes for $150
8 Classes for $180
10 Classes for $200
20 Classes for $360

Unlimited Packages

1 Month Unlimited for $240
1 Year Unlimited for $1,800
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Individual Class

Not sure about signing up for a membership or package? Take your time.
You can always jump into one class and let us know what you think!

Single Class $30

Private Group Class

Would you like to book a private group class for your business or special event? We do that!
Our class size maximum is 28 people and our class buyout price is $500. That’s only $18 a person! Interested?

Gifting Classes

Want to buy a loved one a class package or pay for their membership? Awesome!
We can definitely do that for you. Just email us and we'll set it up!