Co-Founder // Program Director // CPT // NPTI

Xavier Quimbo

A former Hollywood stuntman turned personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Xavier combines over 15 years of fitness experience in both athletic rehab and body transformation before founding the company Speedplay in 2015. With Speedplay, Xavier built a significant following in LA’s competitive boutique landscape. Also known throughout the city for his community driven pop-up events and immersive fitness experiences, Xavier has been sought after for numerous collaborations frequently working closely with brands including Propel Water, Nike, and MegaMace.



Dana Goodson

Dana was born and raised down under in Melbourne, Australia (Yes, he has an “Aussie” accent). Dana has always been involved with fitness and sports from a young age. His father and brother are both world champion kick-boxers and Dana grew up playing elite sports in state basketball and netball. As an overweight teenager, Dana decided to join a local gym at the age of 18 where he first fell in love with Group Fitness and HIIT training. From there, Dana lost weight and toned up. Eventually he taught the Les Mills Program Body Attack in Melbourne and Sydney. As well as running group fitness sessions for corporate groups before relocating to Los Angeles!


Trainer // NFPT

Olivia Tipton

Olivia is an experienced dynamic personal trainer. She has an extensive athletic background which involves coaching gymnastics, cheerleading, and swimming. Her coaching experience helped her realize the tremendous benefits of various types of exercise. She became a certified personal trainer 5 years ago and has continually expanded and shared her knowledge. In addition to working with athletes, she has worked in office and residential buildings, providing functional training and personalized programs for corporate employees and residents of all ages. She has found a great love for HIIT style training because of its effectiveness to transform lives and sustain life-long habits.



Terry Eytcheson

Terry is a trainer and ex-collegiate football player. He loves to incorporate new exercises into his workouts to help his clients reach their full potential. Terry wears many hats: He is an actor, boxing instructor, writer, and all around performer. Whether it’s his old-school/new-school mixed playlist or his upbeat're guaranteed to have a great workout! Outside of teaching classes, you can catch Terry teaching one-on-one boxing lessons or lifting weights at the gym. Terry loves to absorb and learn as much as he can!


Trainer // ACE

Sam Cardona

Sam grew up in Northern California where she was a dancer throughout her childhood. She moved to LA to attend school and discovered her love for group fitness. Specifically, High Intensity Interval Training classes. After years of being a client, Sam realized she wanted to share her passion of fitness with others by teaching. So, she became certified and hasn't looked back since!