Co-Founder // Lead Trainer // CPT // NPTI

Xavier Quimbo

Xavier Quimbo is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist through the National Personal Training Institute, and one of Speedplay's founders. With 15 years of experience in the field of personal training, and 4 years working directly under physical therapists and doctors, he has helped countless clients with everything from recovery of acute sports injuries to weight loss and muscle building.

Lead Trainer // NASM

Meagan Fulps

Meagan is a NASM certified personal trainer and a former professional basketball player. She was a four year starter at Santa Clara University before heading overseas to Germany. Plagued by injuries, she decided to retire and pursue her TV career in LA. While rehabbing from ACL surgery she gained an even newer perspective on fitness, and quickly learned it needed be more than a constant in her life, but also an additional career. In Meagan's class you'll always be challenged, and always encouraged. She believes in a consistent balance of cardio and strength training, while also emphasizing the importance of listening to your body and resting as needed.

Lead Trainer // CSCS

Blake Raymond

Blake Raymond is a former dual sport collegiate athlete with over ten years of professional experience as health and wellness expert.  As a Certified Strength and Condition Specialist (CSCS), and having majored in Psychology & Physical Education/Athletics, Blake understands the important balance of the mind and body and how they work in concert.  Specialties include injury rehabilitation/prevention, conversion of fat into lean body mass, weight loss, abdominal sculpting, and developing specific individually tailored workout and dietary programs (disclaimer: Blake is also extremely passionate about cooking, baking and enjoying food!).  His motivation is to guide those he works with in leading a happy and wholesome life by providing them the necessary knowledge, proper techniques, and healthy habits to do so.

Lead Trainer // AFAA

Beka Badila

Beka began her fitness career in college at Virginia Tech by teaching both group fitness and personal training. Having been an athlete throughout high school, Beka wanted to continue her involvement in fitness and decided to become an instructor. She holds multiple certifications such as AFAA Group Exercise, AFAA personal trainer and Les Mills BodyPump. Beka believes that fitness is a lifestyle and that any fitness goal can be achieved with dedication, hard work, and a little sweat!

Trainer // ISSA

Shannon Decker

Shannon Decker is a certified personal trainer and group spin instructor and brings her own passion for all things athletic with her as a group fitness leader. She grew up in the PNW excelling in team sports, especially basketball, track, and volleyball. Shannon has fueled her love for athletics the last 10 years as a fitness model, working for almost every major sporting goods company, along with others that only use athletes to sell their products. Shannon has tried almost everything to stay in “working shape” for modeling with some of her favorites being trail running, yoga, indoor cycling, beach volleyball, HIIT circuits, fad gyms, and her own personal trainer. But several years ago she finally gave in to friends constantly asking her to “work them out” and began her journey to being a true part of the fitness community as an instructor, both in the gym and on the bike. Shannon’s philosophy is to exercise for the body, mind and soul and to make sure you’re having as much fun as possible doing so, while focusing on overall general health. She brings a lot of industry knowledge with her and specializes in form, and getting the inner athlete to come out of her clients. With a ton of energy and nothing but smiles, Shannon’s hip hop fueled class is sure to leave you sweaty, happy and proud.

Trainer // NCEP

Jennifer Leuning

Fitness and athletics have always played an important role in Jennifer’s life. As a multiple sport athlete with career in community service, Jennifer has taught a variety of group fitness classes for persons of all ages and abilities. A certified personal trainer through NCEP and former USA boxing coach, Jennifer specializes in a holistic approach to training that targets strength and endurance in both the mind and body. She believes if you can motivate the mind the body will follow.

Trainer // NASM

Jenny Savage

Jenny was a professional dancer with the NYC and Turkish ballet until she decided she was done being in the background. She moved into professional competitive salsa dancing, and ended up owning her own company before heading to Broadway in New York. Jenny then became a stunt artist, moved to LA, and started pursuing MMA training. Jenny became a big fan of HIIT training after 3 years of teaching indoor cycling with SoulCycle and Cycle House and seeing how interval training can transform the body. She considers herself a full service trainer, and has constant contact with her clients about food, nutrition, mindset and fitness.

Trainer // AFAA

Megan Schumacher

Megan Schumacher is a nationally certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor from Texas. She has been in the industry for over ten years working with some of the most elite gyms in the United States. Her background in sales, public relations and fitness fueled her to found "Become an Addict with Miss Fitness Junkie". After eight solid years of dedication and success she moved on by branding herself as Miss Fitness Junkie. Her passion for changing lives and leading a healthy lifestyle has led to a fruitful career path. She’s all smiles until the mic is turned on then it's game time. Her ability to motivate and teach precision with form sets her apart. Her goal is to create an experience :: whether you’re one-on-one or in a group class, Megan will inspire new behaviors and habits... and keep you coming back for more!

Trainer // NASM

Rachel McClusky

Rachel McClusky is a NASM certified personal trainer and spin instructor. Born and raised in Chicago, her passion for fitness began on the dance floor. Her love of performing led her to a career in music as a singer songwriter for many years. Rachel entered the fitness industry in 2013 after making the move to Southern California, and it quickly became her passion. She has been teaching multiple forms of group fitness classes for the last three years. She found that movement is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your body and to connect with others. Her goal for her clients is to experience the power of movement through not only the body, but the mind and the soul as well. We can set our limits, but we can push past them as a team!

Trainer // ACE

Johnny Brown

Johnny is an ACE certified personal trainer and former multi-sport athlete. For the last 6 years, Johnny has used his experience to help others transform their bodies and influencing his peers to live a healthy lifestyle. Johnny’s private training service is JB Elite Training that has supported many to achieve weight loss. His goofy personality and white-glove service has provided his clients of all levels from beginners to NBA athletes to smile, focus, and get results. Johnny takes pride in his cross-training programs, musicality, and displays his passion for fitness every day. His motto is good vibes everywhere because he fills the room up with good energy that inspires you to work hard, execute exercises with purpose and achieve your goals. Johnny won’t let you leave without a smile and an effective workout!

Trainer // NASM

Peter Sers

Peter has over 15 years experience as a personal trainer. His foundation in training is based on the NASM principles and methods. As a former collegiate baseball player, marathon runner, and also former professional dancer, he has a diverse fitness background he utilizes when training clients. His main objective is to make sure each of his clients has fun, while they are working hard.

Trainer // NASM

Ali Nelson

Ali is a NASM certified trainer from Northern California. As a former collegiate athlete in both track and rowing, fitness has always been a way of life and has shaped the person she is today. Ali not only values the physical benefits of exercise, but also the sense of community you create when you work out in groups, whether that be on a team or in a class. She believes there is no better feeling than working out with people who can motivate you and push you past your limits. Ali brings her intensity and enthusiasm into every class to give you a workout that's both challenging and enjoyable!


Dana Goodson

Born and raised down under in Melbourne, Australia (yes I have an “Aussie” accent). I have always been involved with fitness and sports from a young age. My father and brother are both world champion kick-boxers and I grew up playing elite sports in state basketball and netball. As an overweight teenager, I decided to join a local gym at the age of 18 where I first fell in love with Group Fitness and HIIT training. From here I lost weight and toned up and eventually taught the Les Mills Program Body Attack in Melbourne and Sydney as well as running group fitness sessions for corporate groups before relocating to Los Angeles last year!

AFAA Certified Group Fitness

Amanda Lehner

Amanda Lehner is a certified fitness professional and public relations/digital media expert. Born and raised in Kansas, Amanda moved to NYC upon graduating from college for a career in the corporate beauty industry where she worked for some of the world’s biggest beauty brands. A life-long athlete, fitness enthusiast and competitive half-marathoner, Amanda discovered she could turn her passion into a profession after moving to LA in 2016. Uniting her background in fitness and beauty, Amanda strives to inspireothers to live healthy lifestyles so they feel as good as they look from the inside out. She incorporates her expertise in strength and endurance conditioning into her training style and challenging classes, which will leave you sweating and always smiling.


Matt Zapata

Matt has been involved with fitness and athletics from a very early age. Growing up in Texas football was king but he also excelled at baseball. He played college football at The University of Texas-Austin, this was where he learned and excelled at fitness. While playing he learned from legends in the fitness industry and this was where he got his foundation and love for all things fitness, he eventually parlayed that into an ACE certified personal trainer. Matt incorporates HIIT training, long distance running, yoga, rock climbing, sprints and footwork drills to stay in shape and keep himself on his toes. Matt’s always trying to have a good time and make things memorable while also pushing your limits!