What happens in Speedplay classes?

At Speedplay you can expect a fast paced mix of cardio and weight training, set to playlists that motivate you to keep the beat. Our trainers create total-body workouts that help everyone meet their personal goals. Oh, and lots of sweat happens.

Am I going to die / pass out / throw up?

We get this question from almost everyone who is a little intimidated to start. You aren’t going to die, you’ll only get stronger after each class! The best part about our classes is that every client, at whatever fitness level, can get a great workout. If you feel like you’re going to pass out or throw up, just take a second and lengthen your recovery time before easing back into class.

How do I schedule a class?

You’ll have to create a MindBody account. After that, simply click on the ‘Schedule’ tab from our website and that will redirect you to our online schedule. Then, find a class time that works for you! You can always email us if you need assistance!

What should I bring to my first class?

Workout clothes, appropriate shoes, a water bottle, a towel and lots of energy!

Do you have a beginner's class?

All Speedplay classes are total-body workouts, and catered to all fitness levels. If you're just starting to workout, don't be afraid to just take your first class to get acquainted with the equipment, and push yourself when you feel comfortable to do so.

I have an injury and can't run - are there modifications in class?

YES. Have a chat with your trainer before class and don't be afraid to voice any concerns or injuries. Feel free to take it easy on the treadmills -- walk if you need to! Lucky for you, the Curve is specifically made to provide minimal impact to your joints. We can also accommodate if you need to double up on rowing or floor exercises. For a no-run class, try our Strength class!

Do you have showers?

No showers. But, we're working on it! So, please bring a towel to class!

Do you offer a discounted first class?

Yes! Your first class is only $15.

Where can I park?

You can park in the gray parking garage directly above us. We validate for two hours and it will be $4. It's cash only. The parking attendants ask for $10 upfront. Then, they will give you the $6 difference upon exiting. They do have an ATM (in case you forget cash) but it does charge you a $6 transaction fee. There is also street parking.

Should I eat before class?

Listen to your body! You know better than anyone how your body functions best. If you prefer to eat before your workout, try a protein or a healthy fat such as a hard-boiled egg, an avocado, or a banana with almond butter. Be sure to hydrate!

What should I eat after class?

You WILL be hungry after class, take our word for it! Once again, healthy fats and protein are the way to go!